So I've blended the power of neuroscience and spirituality into the GoalMate method to help you reach your goals and live a meaningful life you've always wanted.
I know that at this point, I might lose a certain percentage of skeptical readers. Bye, normals :) However, what remains are those who are mindful and open-minded.
You are ready for that. Let's go to the next level.
The REAL problem why people fail to achieve their goal and live the life they want lies in the fact that they are accustomed to working only with the consequences, rather than addressing the root cause.

So why does the GoalMate method work?

Let's start by turning to science first. According to a study from the Association for Talent Development:

  1. If you make a conscious decision that you want to achieve something, this increases your chances of success by 10-25%.
  2. Having a clear plan of how you're going to achieve it increases your chances further, to 50%
  3. If you commit to someone else that you'll do it, and report back to them, there's a 68% chance of success
So having an inspiring goal, a clear plan and a goal buddy increases your chances to succeed up to 68%! Not bad.

But now let's go deeper.

Karma teaches: everything that happens to me comes from ME. It means that to see the desired results in your life you need to sow the seeds of these events first. You know, you can't just plant a palm tree and expect it to grow into an oak tree, right?
Good question is, how to create the right seeds.

Everything in life involves other people, whether it's creating, acquiring, buying, selling, teaching, forming deep relationships etc. And to sow the seeds of your desired outcomes you also need another person.

When you are helping somebody who has a similar goal in achieving it, you create the seeds of these outcomes in your life.

Zig Ziglar said: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

He knew something :) Even presidents of countries and successful businessmen rely on cause-and-effect relationships in their lives.
From a scientific standpoint, by doing that we are activating our mirror neurons which increases our chances to succeed even more.

So finally we got to how the GoalMate method works:

1. Clearly establish what you want to achieve

2. Find someone who shares the same goal as you do

3. Help each other along the way

4. Program your reality

5. Keep motivation

When you combine these important elements, it unlocks the potential for remarkable outcomes.

I have personally used this method successfully in my own life on multiple occasions, and I absolutely loved it! It helped me enhance my relationship with my husband, acquire new clients and projects.

However, I discovered that finding someone within the immediate circle who shares similar goals and aligns with your aspirations is not easy! That's why I came up with the idea of creating a place specifically designed for a joint goal achievement.
If you have an exciting goal that you genuinely want to achieve,
I invite you to join our GoalMate Challenge!