Starts on December 1st
before Christmas 2023

3-week Goal Acceleration challenge
Minimizing stress and time investment by using GoalMate Method
  • Karina Kripak
    When I launched my new business project, I struggled to find support in my local network. But thanks to Goal Mate, everything changed! I'm on track to achieve my financial goals and feeling more empowered than ever.
  • Kasey Goncharova
    Me and my goal mate have been totally crushing it together! We've been holding each other accountable for eating healthy and staying motivated to work out. I've never seen such awesome progress in getting fit so quickly. It's mind-blowing!
  • Vitaly Osovik
    I've learned firsthand that when I look out for other people's careers, it ends up benefiting my own. It's crazy how helping others with their professional goals can actually boost my own career in unexpected ways.
We all have goals.
Let's achieve them.
Let's face it, the year is almost wrapped up. Remember all those big plans you had in January? Maybe it was launching that dream business, hitting financial milestones, finally penning that book, losing few pounds, or diving into a new language.

Guess what? You've got a month left before the New Year, and we've got an invite that's bound to light that fire under your goals. Join us for the Goal Mate challenge and supercharge your goal-getting journey.

Just picture the thrill of achieving your goal or reaching a major milestone before the year's end. It's not just a possibility; it's within reach.
And the Goal Acceleration challenge is here to help you.
What the Goal Accelaration challenge is
  • 3 weeks
    From 1st to 21st of December.
    You will reach your goal before Christmas!
  • 1 goal mate
    Perfectly matched, accourding to your goal and interests for accountability and support
  • 3 masterminds
    To keep motivation, brainstorm ideas, share insights and get a feedback
  • 15 exercises
    On goal setting and achievement crafted by coaches and psychologists
  • Workbook
    You'll also receive a workbook for hands-on practice and application
  • Lifetime access
    To an exclusive Facebook group housing all the challenge materials
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lose few kilos - start a new project - run a marathon - earn more - pay off the mortgage - find new clients - write a book - speak at TEDex - learn Spanish - do yoga - improve relationship - create community - networking - build a personal brand - eat healthy
Most likely, you've already set goals in your life
that you haven't been able to achieve.
Let's go deeper into the underlying reasons why we often fall short of reaching the desired results.
People fail to reach their goals
because they:
  • Lose motivation
  • Do not have enough support
  • Battle with procrastination and discipline
  • Have fears
  • Have lack of confidence
  • Do not have a clear plan
  • Feel uncertain about where to begin
  • Focus on the wrong actions which don't bring results
  • Set goals that are not aligned with their true aspirations
How many of these resonate with you?
From the other perspective , the root of the problem lies in the perception that:
  • People view the world as an external force impacting them, rather than recognizing that it comes FROM THEM.

  • Consequently, they fail to sow the right seeds and do not manifest the life they truly desire.

So you might wonder, why would it be any different this time?
Let's explore why GoalMate works
Level 1. Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology
According to a research from the Association for Talent Development:
  • 10–25%
    1. If you make a conscious decision that you want to achieve something, this increases your chances of success by 10-25%
  • 50%
    2. Having a clear plan of how you're going to achieve it increases your chances further,
    to 50%
  • 68%
    3. If you commit to someone else that you'll do it, and report back to them, there's a 68% chance of success
So having an inspiring goal, a clear plan and a goal buddy increases your chances to succeed up to 68%! Not bad. The Goal Accelerator challenge covers them all. Now let's go deeper.
  • Zig Ziglar
    CEO of LEADx, top salesman, and author of "Great Leaders Have No Rules"
    You can have everything in life you want,
    if you will just help other people get what they want.
  • Michael Roach
    A former Buddhist monk who created a multimillion-dollar company and sold it to Warren Buffett
    Everything is a reflection of the condition of your own heart ... And so looking at the world is like looking in a funny kind of mirror.
Level 2. Karmic management
Karma teaches: Everything that happens to me comes from ME.

It means that to see the desired results in your life you need to sow the seeds of these events first. You know, you can't just plant a palm tree and expect it to grow into an oak tree, right?

Everything in life involves other people. And to sow the seeds of your desired outcomes you also need another person.

When you are helping somebody who has a similar goal in achieving it, you create the seeds of these outcomes in your life. From a scientific standpoint, by doing that we are activating our mirror neurons which increases our chances to succeed.
The GoalMate combines these two approaches
to help you reach your goals and live a meaningful life you've always wanted
How the Challenge will go down
Begins December 1st and concludes on December 22d
1. Set a goal which turns you on
You get a brief form with coaching questions which helps you to identify your real goal and get a boost of motivation
2. Match with a goal mate
Based on your responses, you will be matched with a compatible goal mate who shares a similar goal and interests
3. Help each other 1 hour per week
You will get the instructions on how to communicate to reach the best results
4. One action to make it work
You will get a 2-minute-per-day task to guide you along your journey. This crucial step is often missed by people who help others but still fail to achieve the desired results
5. Keep tracking and motivation
Weekly Zoom masterminds (on Friday) to stay motivated and track your progress with a GoalMate system
6. Achieve your goal
(or an important milestone)
in just 3 weeks!
Don't forget to celebrate and reward yourself!
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All the engagement will take place within our private Facebook group and messenger. You will receive the link in your email, during 24 hours after the payment.

It will serve as a dedicated space for you to connect with your goal mate and fellow participants, allowing you to share your experiences and insights throughout the journey. Also all the instructions and tips will be posted there.

You will have a lifetime access to the group after the Challenge.

Participate in a 3-week
Goal Acceleration challenge
You will receive the link to the Challenge Group in your email, during 24 hours after the payment.
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  • Karina Kripak
    GoalMate Founder
    I have personally applied a GoalMate Method successfully in my own life on numerous occasions. It's amazing how it works! However, I discovered that finding someone within my immediate circle who shares similar goals and aligns with your aspirations is not easy.

    That's why I came up with the idea of creating an app specifically designed to facilitate joint goal achievement based on neuroscience and karmic management. This Challenge is the MVP for a GoalMate app. And participating on the Challenge (while achieving your goals) you are also helping us to develop the application.
    Thank you! :)